First, lets get to a health update – I know you must be concerned. I AM feeling MUCH better, thank you. Thank you to all the people who have been reaching out, asking me how I’m doing. And by “all the people” I mean, you, mom. My second Z pack is working much better than the first. I’m feeling almost 100%. I’m masturbating again, so that’s good. 

Did the South Beach Comedy Festival last week. Honestly, I didn’t even know it existed, but it does and it’s good. It’s been around about 5 years or so. A lot of people came out and South Beach did it well. Cool venues, cool comics (with the exception of Jay Larson ), and one super cool party (that Larson was at, but still). Great job Comedy Central and South Beach. You put on a great, fun festival. Here are a few shots of me performing and of the after party – red carpet, celebs, you know my steeze:  (All photos courtesy of Mitchell Zachs)

You get the idea. I like to party. From the beaches of Miami to the frozen tundra that is Minneapolis, I like to get down all over the place. Now I am in Minneapolis on the brink of losing my mind about how cold it is. How cold is it, you ask? Let me check. Hold on. It’s currently 3 degrees. Seriously. That’s not a joke. I’m not exaggerating. It is 3 little degrees outside. The cold really bites you in the dick here. Tomorrow the low is -10. Not looking forward to that. BUT, I will say this, ACME Comedy Company, the club here in Minneapolis, has to be one of the 3 best clubs in the country. That is also not an exaggeration. Somehow Louis and the people who run ACME have built this place into a comedy utopia. The staff is great, the crowds are amazing, the shows are, well, as good as it gets. If you live in Minneapolis, I highly encourage you to go, especially this week, because I’m here. But really any week will be great at ACME. If you’re a comic and you haven’t performed there, make it happen. You won’t regret it. I have to go now. I’m feeling healthy. I’m going to rub one out again. Oh, here’s the link again for ACME


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