Confidence Booster!

Just found this comment under one of my YouTube clips:

NelsonClick has made a comment on Tom Segura at The Comedy and Magic Club:

This guy is sexy in a creepy way. You’d blow him if you knew none of your friends would find out about it but if they did you’d stand proud on that point and say something uncool like, “It’s my life and I’ll do what I want and sleep with whomever I choose”.

I don’t really see how you can ask for more than that. Thanks, Nelson!

Frank Advice

Over a year and a half ago I wrote a 10 webisode series called “Frank Advice” which featured the main character, Frank, a maintenance man, giving his blunt, often wrong, and sometimes traumatizing advice to the different tenants that live in an apartment complex. To shoot the pilot cost more money than I had, but thankfully, there were a number of people willing to work for nothing! I had a great time working with everyone on this and unfortunately we could never get the whole series going but here is the one and only episode of FRANK ADVICE!

Frank Advice

special thanks to Ryan Churchill, Catherine Reitman, and Brian Lazarte

Been A While

Am I lazy? Somewhat, yes. Are there ways I could manage my time better? I think, yes. Should I watch less adult material online and instead write more in this blog? Definitely, I think so. But that’s the way it goes. I haven’t written in this blog in forever and the reason being that I’ve been busy and lazy – yes, both. In the past few weeks I have been doing shows all over the country and even a few in England. Yes, that England.


This kid is COOL


50 Tyson, What?!

It really bummed me out when Guru died, but thankfully someone has stepped up to fill the void and that someone is 50 Tyson. Sure no one is talking about him YET, but I have a feeling once everyone sees this dude freestyle he will have a record deal in 2 seconds. WAIT! His album is going to drop -which mean he ALREADY has a record deal! He says so in this vid:

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