Am I lazy? Somewhat, yes. Are there ways I could manage my time better? I think, yes. Should I watch less adult material online and instead write more in this blog? Definitely, I think so. But that’s the way it goes. I haven’t written in this blog in forever and the reason being that I’ve been busy and lazy – yes, both. In the past few weeks I have been doing shows all over the country and even a few in England. Yes, that England.

You can't tell, but this was taken in England

What did I do in England? I did shows for thousands and thousands of people. They were there to see Russell Peters, but still I tell myself that I am quite famous overseas. What else did I do in England? I partied.

Partying with our party faces in England

The above picture shows you that I party.

I also, regrettably, made a decision to get my ass waxed over the past few weeks. And I did it on national television. Double bad decision.

Lot of hair back there

Proof! Staying Clean! 3 Wipes and I'm done!

Yes, I know. It’s disgusting, but I want to be honest with people. A hairy ass is no way to live. 45 mins to clean up is a waste of time. Get on all fours and let a stranger fill your ass with hot honey and brace for the pain. It’s worth it. Sort of.

Lastly, and most importantly I also taped my Comedy Central Presents Half Hour Special. It should air in early 2011. Very happy about it. It went great and I can’t wait for it to be on air.

Comedy Central Presents...Tom Segura

So EXCUSE ME for not posting here more. I’m clearly VERY busy. And Lazy.