This kid is COOL


50 Tyson, What?!

It really bummed me out when Guru died, but thankfully someone has stepped up to fill the void and that someone is 50 Tyson. Sure no one is talking about him YET, but I have a feeling once everyone sees this dude freestyle he will have a record deal in 2 seconds. WAIT! His album is going to drop -which mean he ALREADY has a record deal! He says so in this vid:


Lessons Learned in South Beach

I just spent two weeks in Miami. The first was spent working the Miami Improv. The second week was spent doing nothing. While I thoroughly enjoy working the club – I really did (Cubans and blacks are great, especially in the heat) I must admit that I liked the second week there even more. Doing nothing is really one of my specialties. And if you’re going to do nothing but lay on a beach it helps if you can look at something. Or, in the case of South Beach, something is nothing. As in, nearly no clothing.