Check out my short film on FUNNYORDIE.COM

So a while back I made a short film/video with two hilarious comics. Brent Weinbach and Christina Pazsitzky star in this short with me. After I edited it, I took the hard drive I had saved it on to a friends house to work on another project and I forgot about it…until now. I picked up the hard drive yesterday and was overjoyed to see that our short was still there. Now you can see it here:


Olympics Death

Just saw that an Olympian died today during a luge trial run. Apparently, he and some other competitors had been complaining earlier this week about the speed of this track. They were freaked out about the speed of a track they were going to race on. Unfortunately, it appears their concerns were valid and this Georgian man paid the ultimate price:

You Give Me Boners When I Need Them

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I’ll be driving thru the city that I live in, Los Angeles, and I won’t have an erection. I have to confess that it’s quite rare that this happens. I’m usually hard all day, every day. But like I said, every once in a while there’s a solar eclipse too, right? Well, on those days when I am soft I don’t worry for too long and the reason that I don’t worry is that the Los Angeles-based clothier, American Apparel, has my back. (more…)

USC makes offer to 13 Year-old, who commits

Wow. Here’s something you don’t normally see in football. Lane Kiffin and USC have offered a scholarship to a 7th grade quarterback who has committed to the university in 2015. His name is David Sills. Here are some highlights:


What do you think? I think he looks decent. I also think the video is really over-edited, especially for a skills set type of video. There are edits between every one of his throws. I hope good things happen for this kid and I hope Lane Kiffin experiences testicular trauma at some point. That guy is a real asshole.

A Long Overdue "Thank You"

Not too long ago I wrote a pretty (rightfully) critical entry HERE  about what a nightmare it was to fly next to a wildly obese person on a Delta flight. My horrifying experience wasn’t due to a hatred of the fat. I am actually quite large (but getting smaller). I was upset more that there seemed to be nothing I could do during the flight (I later learned I’m supposed to hit the call button and demand that I or grease tits be moved) and afterwards, when I did complain to Delta, I was met with defensive hostility.